Here are a few samples of NDS work for your newspaper design projects.

A front-and-back sheet with PC and Mac shortcuts for InDesign. Very handy!

A sample short-version video critique. This is a quick video critique that I prepared before I did some newspaper redesign work for a client in Virginia.

A quick peek at a work-in-progress re-design of the A-1 teasers for a small weekly paper. The publisher wanted something vivid and colorful to compete better against the local daily. These pages (PDF) were our first go-round. The publisher settled on something quite a bit like these early versions.  A sample educational video on body type. I have more available, and I can make specific training videos for you or your staff. Here is a PDF handout on body type to go with the video.

A very short video on how to do a reflection in InDesign.

Another short video, this one on how I put together a quick ASF (Alternate Story Format) based on a regular news story.

First newspaper design site on the web

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It was the winter of 1994, and I put up my first news design site at According to some estimates, that made it one of the first 10,000 sites in web history. Makes me feel old. If you need advice with your design work, let me know. I would be happy to help. You can contact me by e-mail  (bobatnewsdesignschooldotcom)  .